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Finding Opportunities in Emerging Markets


The Evolution of Emerging Markets

The Emerging Market landscape has evolved significantly over the past few decades, creating a broader set of potential opportunities for investors.

Emerging Markets Defined

An Emerging Market economy is often defined as an economy with low to middle per capita income that is generally fast-growing. We believe a closer look at Emerging Markets reveals unexpected and distinctive characteristics.





Why Invest in Emerging Markets?

We believe Emerging Markets offer the potential for competitive returns over the long term, across a variety of countries and industries, and represent an important diversifier for investor portfolios.

The Appeal of Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets possess a number of attractive attributes that we believe may contribute to strong future growth. Here are some of the reasons we find Emerging Markets compelling for the long-term investor.

Capture the Growth of Emerging Markets in Your Portfolio

Despite signs of strength in Emerging Markets, we believe many investors are under allocated to the asset class--potentially missing out on long-term opportunities.

How to Invest in Emerging Markets

GSAM has been investing in Emerging Markets for more than two decades. We believe the question is not when to invest in Emerging Markets, but how. We have developed a broad suite of tools to help our clients answer that question.

Explore GSAM Emerging Markets Solutions

Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio

Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets CORE Equity Portfolio

Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Debt Blend Portfolio

Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Portfolio

Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Debt Local Portfolio

Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio

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