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Inspired by the Next Generation


Who are Millennials?

We define Millennials as individuals born between 1980 and 2000. Their preceding generations, Generation X and Baby Boomers, are born between 1965–1979 and 1946–1964 respectively. There are a number of factors which characterise Millennials and their changing consumption behaviour.

GS Global Millennials Equity Portfolio

We believe Millennials are reshaping markets and have the potential to impact businesses across sectors and geographies. The GS Global Millennials Equity Portfolio seeks to connect clients to this evolving consumer story.

Why are Millennials Important?

Millennials are quickly becoming the most influential global consumer. Here’s why we think now is the time for you to take notice.

Where Do We See Investment Opportunities?

Our research has shown that Millennials are driving a series of trends that will shape tomorrow’s investment opportunities. The following case studies highlight a number of businesses that we believe are benefitting from this secular growth theme.


Power of Information


Price, Transparency, Convenience


Wellness and Leisure

Why Invest?

We anticipate that Millennials will drive a wave of change and opportunities in the coming years. The GS Global Millennials Equity Portfolio is designed to connect clients to these opportunities in a thoughtful way, with a focus on quality businesses at supportive valuations.

Fund Details

Insights from Global Investment Research


Infographic on the new Millennial economy



Overview of the Millennials concept



The Millennial impact on the global economy and culture