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November 22, 2022

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Statement Following US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Settlement

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. is pleased to have resolved this matter, which addressed historical policies and procedures related to three of the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Fundamental Equity group’s investment portfolios. As the order notes, the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Fundamental Equity group had conducted ESG research on the issuers held in each of those portfolios. And, as of February 2020, the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Fundamental Equity group had completed the ESG questionnaires provided by its policies and procedures for the issuers held in those portfolios.


These historical matters did not materially impact the investments’ satisfaction of the ESG criteria contained in those policies and procedures. This matter related to the Goldman Sachs ESG Emerging Markets Equity Fund, Goldman Sachs International Equity ESG Fund and a US Equity ESG separately-managed account strategy. Goldman Sachs Asset Management is committed to its pursuit of best practices across its portfolios for sustainable, long-term value creation that helps its clients meet their investing needs.


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