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January 30, 2018 | Macro Insights

2018 New Heights, New Risks

Where Should You Invest in 2018?

2018 has had an eventful start. Markets reached new highs only to be followed by record drops, companies are adjusting to new US tax legislation and tension continues to grow over trade. So where should you invest? In a live roundtable, our senior portfolio managers discussed global economic growth, hints of rising inflation and expected central bank rate hikes. Below, we present highlights from the live discussion.

Expansion Set to Continue

Neill Nuttall, Co-CIO, Global Portfolio Solutions, says the synchronized expansion will continue in 2018.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights: Discussion

Rates to Rise at a Faster Pace

Jonathan Beinner, CIO and Co-Head, Global Fixed Income and Liquidity Solutions discusses the pace of global monetary policy.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights Recap: Expansion Set to Continue

Growth Exists, Overseas

Steven M. Barry, Chief Investment Officer, Fundamental Equity, GSAM says Europe and Emerging Markets are offering more growth opportunities than the US.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights Recap: Growth Exists, Overseas

What Does This Mean for Investors?

The panel discusses where they see opportunities and risks across all asset classes.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights Recap: What Does This Mean for Investors?

Inflation is the Missing Ingredient

Jonathan Beinner believes it’s on the horizon and discusses how to position your bond portfolio.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights Recap: Inflation is the Missing Ingredient

Economic Cycle: At the End or in Overtime?

The panel discusses the economic cycle, the impact of US tax reform and the depth of a possible correction.

GSAMLive Weathering Heights Recap: Economic Cycle


Investment Strategy
Weathering Heights: How to Invest in 2018

How can investors weather the heights in asset valuations and the potential risks in 2018? 

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