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July 2018 | Macro Insights

Trade Tensions May Affect Markets, Not Economies

July 2018

Below, GSAM’s portfolio managers discuss trade tariffs and the impact to China, emerging markets and the global economy.

PODCAST: Trade Tensions -- May Affect Markets, Not Economies Listen to the complete podcast

Still In the Middle of the Tariff Process

Alec Phillips, Chief US Political Economist, Global Investment Research, says while we’ve heard a lot of proposals on tariffs, only a fraction have been imposed.

GSAMLive Trade Tensions 2018 Alec Phillips

Global Growth Still on Track

Alec Phillips, says taking everything into account, estimates for US and global GDP are still on point.

GSAMLive Trade Tensions 2018 Alec Phillips 2

Momentum in China has Stalled

Sam Finkelstein, Deputy CIO of Global Fixed Income and Global Head of Emerging Markets, discusses measures policy makers have taken to help the economic outlook for China.

GSAMLive Trade Tensions 2018 Sam Finkelstein

China’s Currency Weakness is Welcome

Sam Finkelstein says recent currency weakness is a measure to ease financial conditions and stimulate growth.

GSAMLive July 2018 Trade Tensions China

Emerging Markets Feel Pressure, But Still Attractive

The panel discusses the relative valuation in emerging markets equity and how pockets of turbulence is inevitable when you’re looking across more than 60 countries.

GSAMLive July 2018 Trade Tensions Dennis Walsh Sam Finkelstein

What Does This Mean for Investors?

The panel discusses where they see volatility related to trade and other political developments and potential opportunities across all asset classes.

GSAMLive July 2018 Trade Tensions Dennis Walsh, Sam Finkelstein


July 2018
Emerging Markets: Blow-Up? Or Blow Over?

In a Q&A, GSAM’s Fixed Income team outline the factors behind the recent weakness in EMD and why they think the longer-term outlook for EM remains positive.

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