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June 12, 2018

Higher Volatility, But Not a High-Volatility Regime

2018 Mid-Year Outlook

While geopolitics add tension, global growth slows its pace, interest rates rise, and equities experience a sell-off, we still think the outlook for returns is improving. Below, GSAM’s portfolio managers discuss maintaining a pro-risk strategy and the importance of dynamic investing.

Continued Expansion

Anders Nielsen, Head of Macroeconomic Research and Investment, Global Portfolio Solutions, says as expansion continues, we now see the risks to global growth as balanced.

Continued Expansion

Resetting Rate Risks

Michael Swell, Co-Head, Global Portfolio Management, Global Fixed Income, discusses where he believes rates are headed from here.


Small Caps in a Rising Rate Environment

Sally Pope Davis, Co-Lead Portfolio Manager, Small Cap and SMID-Cap Value Strategies, Fundamental Equity, discusses the equity markets in a rising rate environment and how the later stages of the economic cycle and the impact of tax cuts may benefit US small caps.


Volatility Levels Will Continue to Rise

Michael Swell, Co-Head, Global Portfolio Management, Global Fixed Income, suggests volatility was suppressed by liquidity and central bank policy, but going forward believes volatility will generally be higher.

What Does This Mean for Investors?

The panel discusses positioning a weaker dollar to reduce the trade deficit, short term volatility and an overall strong macro backdrop for the US.

What does this mean for investors?


May 2018 | GSAM Investment Outlook
A Better Balance of Risks: 2018 Mid-Year Outlook

We think the outlook for risk asset returns has improved.We are strategically pro-risk, but continue to emphasize a dynamic approach to investment as volatility re-emerges.

March 2018 | GSAM Connect
Trade Tension: Market Opportunities and Challenges

With tax reform enacted, budget caps raised and regulation rolled back, the US Administration has shifted its focus to trade policy, which has turned more hawkish in 2018.

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