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GSAM Perspectives

Beyond Screening: The Evolution of Impact Investing

Beyond Screening: The Evolution of Impact Investing
Interview with Taylor Jordan, Former Co- Founder, Imprint Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

ESG and impact investing has evolved significantly in the last decade, shifting from simple investment screening to deeper integration in the investment process. It has become more widely adopted by both traditional firms and values-oriented managers as an increasing number of tools have been developed. Taylor expects ESG and impact investing will continue to go mainstream and be fully incorporated into investment solutions over the long term.

For more information, listen to an “Exchanges at Goldman Sachs” Podcast, “The New Bottom Line – ESG Investing,” featuring Hugh Lawson, global head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing within Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Overview: ESG and Impact Investing

In an ultra-connected world where transparency is the norm, investors have begun to appreciate that compartmentalizing their values and investment decisions is no longer practical. 

GSAM Perspectives
Right Tools, Right Time: The Rise of Impact Investing

Rick Scott, Vice President of Finance and Compliance at the McKnight Foundation, discusses his views on ESG and impact investing with GSAM.

GSAM Perspectives
Head vs. Heart: Benchmarking Investor Values

John Goldstein, Former Co-Founder of Imprint Capital, discusses how an effective ESG program calls for a focus on key metrics with Hugh Lawson, Global Head, ESG Investing Efforts, Goldman Sachs Asset Management.