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Swing Pricing: Please note that the fund operates a swing pricing policy. Investors should be aware that from time to time this may result in the fund performing differently compared to the reference benchmark based solely on the effect of swing pricing rather than price developments of underlying instruments.

Portfolio holdings may not represent current, future investments or all of the portfolio's holdings. Future portfolio holdings may not be profitable.

Portfolio returns are shown net of applicable ongoing fees within the portfolio, with dividends re-invested using the ex-dividend NAV. These returns are for comparison of performance against specified index. As the investor may be liable to other fees, charges and taxes, they are not meant to provide a measure of actual return to investors. The performance data do not take account of the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of shares.

The Net Asset Value represents the net assets of the Portfolio (ex-dividend) divided by the total number of shares.

Stated reference benchmark returns do not reflect any management or other charges to the fund, whereas stated returns of the fund do.

Performance is shown as of the month end.

Fees are generally billed and payable at the end of each quarter and are based on average month-end market values during the quarter.

Additional information is provided in our Form ADV Part-2.

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(a) the Articles;
(b) the Prospectus, the Hong Kong Covering Document and the product key facts statements; and
(c) the latest annual report and accounts and semi-annual report.