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We have been made aware that there are external parties falsely claiming to carry out financial services on behalf of Goldman Sachs (including Goldman Sachs Asset Management International and Goldman Sachs International) in order to market fake investment products and to solicit monetary payments. These external parties may pose as Goldman Sachs through the use of fraudulent communications via email, instant messaging or phone, as well as through the use of fake brochures and other documents containing Goldman Sachs branding and logos.
The Financial Conduct Authority of UK has issued warnings about these fraudulent activities which can be found here and here.
It is important to know that any communication you receive from Goldman Sachs would only come from an @gs.com e-mail address and/or be found on the goldmansachs.com website. Further information regarding how you can protect yourself from fraudulent activity online and how you can contact us about this can be found on the Goldman Sachs Security page, available here.


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International Market Pulse - February

Warming Up to Europe


Policy and geopolitical risks will likely continue to inform global growth. However, we are beginning to see green shoots in Europe.

  • GSAM Connect

    Is The 60/40 Dead?

    30 January 2023 The “60/40 portfolio” has long been revered as a trusty guidepost for a moderate risk investor—a 60% allocation to equities intended to provide capital appreciation and 40% to fixed income to offer yield and risk mitigation. In the period following the Global Financial Crisis, a simple mix of 60% US large cap stocks and 40% investment grade bonds would have satisfied most investors as equities marched to new highs and interest rates descended to new lows. However, the tables turned in 2022 with a 60/40 portfolio experiencing one of its worst years on record as both sides of the portfolio have come under pressure. Read more to learn the factors we believe investors should consider. Read More
  • GSAM Connect

    Growing Risks in Sovereign Credit

    01 December 2022 Credit dynamics have long been recognized as important drivers of economic cycles and useful indicators of financial stress. In recent years, sovereign debt growth has outpaced that of the household and corporate varieties and is today the main driver of global credit growth. However, debt sustainability may face challenges as monetary policy gets tightens and liquidity declines. In our latest monthly Observations, learn why we believe that in the current environment, investors should embrace a cautious and selective approach when reallocating capital towards credit.    Read More
  • GSAM Connect

    Positive Rates in Euros, Conservatively

    04 November 2022 For the first time in almost a decade, euro-denominated money market fund (MMF) yields have risen significantly above zero, offering cash investors an opportunity to earn attractive income in highly liquid, conservatively-managed strategies. As the European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to push short-term interest rates still higher, we believe MMFs will continue to offer a compelling alternative to deposits, direct repurchase agreements and other liquidity investments in the coming months. Read More

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An investor should only invest if he/she has the necessary financial resources to bear a complete loss of this investment.

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