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Goldman Sachs Access China Government Bond UCITS ETF

China's Bond Market Has Become Too Big To Ignore

Recent policy measures and global bond index changes have spurred record flows into China's government bond market, which is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

September 2021

China Government Bonds: A Macro Perspective

Investors are scouring the globe for alternative sources of income. For many, the search is leading them to China.

Learn more about our GS Access China Government Bond UCITS ETF

Insights from Our Experts

  • china_too_big_to_ignore_972x486
    Infographic 14 September 2021

    A Look at the Numbers

    In China’s fast-growing economy, we believe there is a compelling case for investment opportunities.

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  • Investment Strategy 13 July 2021

    Four Reasons to Consider Increasing China Bond Exposure

    China’s government bond market—the world’s third largest—has become too big to ignore. It combines attractive income and capital appreciation potential with exposure to a rapidly growing economy. Yet foreign ownership in this growing market remains low. We think now is the time for that to change.

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  • GSAM Connect 23 March 2021

    The Case for Chinese Treasuries

    What is in short supply at the moment for fixed income investors are high-yielding, lowly-correlated bonds with solid macro underpinnings: China ticks all of those boxes.

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  • GSAM Connect 08 April 2021

    China Government Bond Market – Too Big to Ignore

    This week FTSE Russell affirmed that China will be included in the FTSE World Government Bond Index from October 2021, confirming China’s membership of all three major global bond indices. In this publication, we recap the investment case for an allocation to China government bonds  and detail why now is an opportune time to gain access.

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  • GSAM Connect 18 March 2021

    Emerging Markets Back in the Ring

    Emerging markets punched above their weight in 2020. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and recession, the MSCI EM Index returned 18.5% as earnings slipped -9%, and GDP declined -2.0%. In comparison, the S&P 500 Index rose 18.4%, earnings fell -13%, and GDP contracted by -3.5%. Performance has so far kept pace in 2021.

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