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The Financial Conduct Authority of UK has issued warnings about these fraudulent activities which can be found here and here.
It is important to know that any communication you receive from Goldman Sachs would only come from an e-mail address and/or be found on the website. Further information regarding how you can protect yourself from fraudulent activity online and how you can contact us about this can be found on the Goldman Sachs Security page, available here.
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Introducing GSAM ETFs

Smart Investments, Made Simple

Over the last two decades, investors have increasingly turned to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), in search of diversified exposure, cost-effectiveness and the defined strategy of an index-based solution. Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) has developed a range of ETFs that seek to meet the needs of today’s investors.


How ETF Smart Are You?

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The first ETF was listed in what country?
The first was listed in 1990 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It wasn’t until 1993 that the first US ETF made its debut, tracking the S&P500. The first European ETF came to market in 2000.
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Investors like ETFs because they usually offer.
The four most prominent advantages of ETFs are trading flexibility, portfolio diversification, lower costs, and transparency.
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Approximately how many ETFs are listed on European stock exchanges?
The variety of European ETFs that investors can choose from is vast. As of 30 August 2019, almost 1,700 ETFs were listed on European exchanges. Source: GSAM, Bloomberg.
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ETFs are generally referred to as “cheap”. What is the average annual management fee of European ETFs?
While there are a few ETFs with expense ratios as low as 0.04%, the average ETF management fee is 0.25%. Interestingly, it is roughly similar across both equity and fixed income ETFs. Source: GSAM, Bloomberg. Fees quoted on asset-weighted basis, as of 30 August 2019.
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True or False: If you have to choose between ETFs that track the same index, pick the one with the lowest management fee.
While the management fee is an important driver of ETF performance, the costs to buy or sell an ETF may be just as significant (bid-ask spread and brokerage commission, in particular). Also, more nuanced factors, such as fund tax domicile, the portfolio manager’s skill to replicate the index or the fund structure (e.g. physically vs synthetically replicating), can be impactful.
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True or false: GSAM ETFs are passive on stewardship.
At GSAM, we are active participants in various ESG industry efforts, and strive to be transparent and collaborative in our approach to stewardship.
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The Benefits

ETFs have grown in popularity due to the many benefits they offer: intraday trading ease and relative transparency - all typically at lower total cost than most actively managed mutual funds.

The three Ts

Learn More about Our Products

Meet the Experts

Peter Thompson
Head of GSAM’s European ETF Business
Jürgen Blumberg
Head of GSAM ETF Capital Markets EMEA

Three Questions with...

Peter Thompson, Head of GSAM’s European ETF Business

Why is GSAM entering
the European ETF

Following the launch in the US in 2015, we have built a strong and successful track record, becoming the global leader in the multi factor ETF space. Our launch in Europe is the logical next step in building a global business and is driven by client demand in Europe.

What differentiates
GSAM's ETF product

We have built a dedicated team of investment professionals to support the investing needs of institutional investors and financial advisers. As one of the world’s largest asset managers, we offer products that cover a range of sectors, regions, strategies and asset classes. Our investment teams manage a variety of advanced strategies that capitalise on our global reach and deep knowledge of the markets. We seek to continue this legacy and strive to be a leader in delivering a broad range of smart investment options for every portfolio.

What has GSAM learnt
from its entry into the ETF
market in the US?

The GSAM ETF business has benefited from the breadth and scale of the entire Goldman Sachs organization. While many of our ETFs are “homegrown”, we’re not afraid to turn to the outside in order to find best in class capabilities. From day one, our strategy has focused on addressing our clients’ diverse investment needs, and we do this by offering innovative products, capital markets expertise, client service, advice and implementation, making GSAM one of the fastest growing issuers from an asset raising perspective.