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Investing is a Journey, Not Just a Destination

People often think about investing in terms of where they need to go but not necessarily how they get there. We think this exposes investors to a range of risks along the way. Multi-asset portfolios enable investors to spread the risk they take and can be an effective way of maintaining and building wealth over the long term.

Interactive Tool: Why Diversify?

No single asset class can be relied upon to produce consistent returns over time. The interactive tool below illustrates the returns of different asset classes over time. Use the tool to understand why it is difficult to time markets and how diversifying across asset classes can help investors achieve their investment goals.




Source: Bloomberg, HFR Database © HFR, Inc. 2017. See additional disclosures for indices information.

Broaden Your Horizons

There are many routes available to investors in seeking a well-diversified portfolio. There are traditional or 'core' asset classes such as global equities, government bonds and corporate credit. 'Satellite' asset classes, such as emerging markets and real assets are interesting options to add into the mix. With the emergence of alternatives, such as absolute return and volatility strategies, investors can now benefit from new and differentiated drivers of return.


For illustrative purposes only.


Our Multi-Asset Approaches

Goldman Sachs Global Absolute Return Portfolio

Why Partner with GSAM?

Investment journeys have become increasingly complex -- knowing what to invest in and when requires important decisions to be made and clear directions to be taken. By partnering with a trusted guide such as GSAM, there are three core benefits that investors can access along the investment journey.


Investors are often tempted to focus on their domestic market, missing out on a world of opportunities. Our approach seeks to identify the full range of opportunities across global markets to generate returns and manage risk appropriately.


The investment journey is challenged by ever-changing and and increasingly unpredictable markets. Our multi-asset portfolios are designed with the flexibility to adapt to these changes and uncertainties, navigating short-term volatility to help investors grow and preserve wealth over the long term.


So investors can focus on other priorities, our experienced investment team regularly monitors and adjusts multi-asset portfolios. The team actively seeks out new ideas and opportunities to add to investors' itineraries when seeking improved returns, reduced risk and other unique objectives.

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