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We have been made aware that there are external parties falsely claiming to carry out financial services on behalf of Goldman Sachs (including Goldman Sachs Asset Management International and Goldman Sachs International) in order to market fake investment products and to solicit monetary payments. These external parties may pose as Goldman Sachs through the use of fraudulent communications via email, instant messaging or phone, as well as through the use of fake brochures and other documents containing Goldman Sachs branding and logos.
The FCA has issued warnings about these fraudulent activities which can be found here and here.
It is important to know that any communication you receive from Goldman Sachs would only come from an @gs.com e-mail address and/or be found on the goldmansachs.com website. Further information regarding how you can protect yourself from fraudulent activity online and how you can contact us about this can be found on the Goldman Sachs Security page, available here.
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Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity Solutions


Following the global financial crisis, regulators and legislators ushered in changes to address systemic risks in the short-term liquidity markets. As a result, traditional cash investments may not be available, recognizable or offer competitive returns. Our goal is to help our clients preserve capital, maintain liquidity and seek competitive yields, while consistently managing risk. With tailored money market and short duration solutions, we offer the insight you need to make better-informed decisions in your liquidity strategies.

European Money Market Fund Reform

The much-anticipated reform that will apply to Money Market Funds (MMFs) domiciled, managed or marketed in the European Union has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This marks a conclusion of the multi-year legislative process and initiates the countdown towards the implementation deadline. New MMFs launched will have to comply with the new regulation by June 2018, while existing MMFs will have to comply by December 2018. This reform will change the EU-domiciled MMF landscape by providing new categories of funds and requirements for each category.




Liquidity Solutions Across the Spectrum

Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only. Liquidity, performance and risk characteristics of actual funds will vary. When considering a fund, please see the prospectus for additional information. Potential Risk represents the potential for liquidity risk which is comprised of implied term, lockup of investment and diversification of holdings. GSAM offers products across the liquidity spectrum. Please see additional disclosures in the back of the document. Implied term refers to the period of time an investor is expected to hold an investment, even if not legally required to do so. For example, term deposits are bank deposits with a required period before an investor can receive their cash. However, short duration bond funds or bond funds, although lacking a requirement holding period, are rarely used for daily liquidity purposes. Lockup of investment refers to a period of time in which an investor cannot receive their cash back. For example, a 3 month term deposits are bank deposits with a required 2 month period before an investor can receive their cash. Treasury money market funds include holdings of government securities issued by the United States Department of Treasury. Tax Exempt money market funds are designed to maximize current income, preserve capital and maintain liquidity, by investing in municipal obligations issued by or on behalf of states, territories and possessions of the U.S. The interest is exempt from regular federal income tax. Government money market funds invest in cash, government securities and/or repurchase agreements that are collateralized solely by government securities or cash Prime money market funds primarily invest in corporate debt securities are referred to as prime funds. Ultrashort Duration bond funds are mutual funds that generally invest in fixed income securities with extremely short maturities, or time periods in which they become due for payment. Term Deposits are deposits in an interest-paying account that requires the money to remain on account for a specific amount of time or term. Term deposits may contain counterparty risk of the bank issuing the term deposit. Diversification does not protect an investor from market risk and does not ensure a profit. Short Duration bond funds may invest in corporate and other investment-grade US fixed income issues that have duration of one to 3.5 years.

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