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Investment success is not static. We believe innovation can provide a dynamic investing edge. In this publication we outline how our Fixed Income team partners with strategists (‘strats’) and technology professionals to deliver innovations in our investment process.

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The goal is simple: make smarter investment decisions faster and more cost-effectively to deliver better outcomes for our clients…
We partner with strats and technology professionals to engineer every aspect of our investment process to be data-driven and technology-informed.
…the route to achieving this is also straightforward: collaboration between humans and machines.
We view technology (or ‘machines’) as a means to better equip—not replace—investment professionals.


GSAM Professionals Weigh In

“When computing power does the heavy lifting, human intellect can be realized with better precision and efficiency.”

Ashish Shah | Co-CIO Global Fixed Income

“We derive Investment Signals based on disaggregated drivers of returns; these signals use a scientific approach to challenge behavioral biases.”

Fred van der Wyck | Co-Head of GSAM Fixed Income Strat

“Our risk management framework monitors over one thousand risk factors daily and is continually developed to reflect rapidly changing macro, market and political conditions.”

Whitney Watson | Global Head of Fixed Income Risk Management and Portfolio Construction

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Innovation-Driven Investing


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