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Participants examine what they've done to earn introductions, determining next steps for incorporating asking for new introductions.

Workshop Overview

Finding new prospects by way of client introductions is the preferred approach of top advisors as they expand their practices. This one-hour interactive workshop seeks to leave participants with a blueprint for assessing their situation and understanding what they can consider changing to generate more introductions. 

The workshop reviews (1) how to leverage relationships and traditional word-of-mouth marketing to expand your business  more efficiently; (2) how to engage with clients making them aware of your interest in expanding; and (3) how to devise strategies to make your clients capable of expressing your value clearly to others. 

Over the course of the workshop, participants explore topics such as:

  1. Understanding whether introductions are deserved and why – and if not, why not
  2. Ensuring there is sufficient awareness among clients of your desire to grow your business through introductions
  3. How to draft an effective script to ask for introductions using a four-step process
  4. Suggested steps to help participants apply and execute the workshop’s insights

How Do You Ask for Introductions? A Four-Step Approach

For illustrative purposes only.


The workshop is intended to leave participants with a better understanding of how to use introductions from  satisfied clients to build new business: 

  • Building blocks for creating a more effective client introduction process
  • Strategies for implementing the process 

Interested in Participating?

Workshop to help you build business and drive sustainable growth in advisor practices. Contact your GSAM representative for more information.

Our practice management workshops and personal consultations provide tailored business strategies designed to help our clients strengthen key aspects of their practices to maximize business growth. 


Cultivating Centers of Influence

"Centers of influence" are individuals who can help build networks, solidify client connections, and explore new opportunities. We seek to help advisors maximize the benefits of their COI relationships.


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