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GSAM Model Portfolios
Sophisticated Investing, Made Simple

Thoughtful investing takes time and due diligence. Let us give you a hand.

Model portfolios are comprehensive, ready-to-implement investment solutions that can deliver:

Investment Expertise

Asset allocation, fund selection and ongoing monitoring of the investment universe and economic changes


Investments across asset classes, including a mix of traditional stocks and bonds with asset classes including emerging markets and real estate


Ability to choose from a broad range of transparent risk/return profiles and implementation options


What Sets Us Apart

Dynamic investment approach

We combine a strategic, long-term approach with tactical views to provide a diversified asset allocation strategy that seeks to balance risk and return while navigating changing markets.


Range of fund options

Investors can choose the implementation strategy that fits their needs. Options to use either tax-efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds managed by GSAM or by third parties provide flexibility to meet investment objectives.


Demonstrated multi-asset investing experience

GSAM’s multi-asset investing team, Global Portfolio Solutions (GPS), has designed custom portfolios for some of the world’s largest investors for over 20 years. We have been managing multi-asset model portfolios for more than 15 years.


A Roadmap for Your Investments

Choose Your Destination

Model portfolios can be an important tool in the journey to meet long-term investment goals, but one size rarely fits all.

We offer eight strategies with conservative, moderate and growth-oriented approaches to suit many types of risk profiles. The models use mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only.
The numbers above represent the target equity/fixed income allocation (i.e. 20/80) and investment time horizon (i.e. 3-5 years). Target allocations are subject to change.

Our Investment Approach

We build portfolios that seek to maximize returns for every level of risk using a dynamic asset allocation approach that combines strategic, long-term views with tactical views. We monitor each model and rebalance as needed to reflect changes in the global market outlook and macroeconomic environment.


Modeling Your Portfolio

Contact us today to learn more about our model portfolios.

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