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Separately Managed Accounts

Our separately managed accounts are designed to leverage our global resources, in-depth research and risk management expertise to deliver a customized investment solution for the high-net-worth investor.


Managed accounts are individually tailored investments designed to seek to meet the specific objectives and needs of today's sophisticated investors.

Simply stated, a managed account allows an individual to invest in a diversified portfolio of individual securities. Unlike a mutual fund, the individual securities are owned directly by the investor. This portfolio of securities is managed by a professional money manager and is often packaged with customized advice from an investment professional.


Once clients decide that a managed account is an appropriate investment, the next critical decision is selecting the right money manager. Since 1989, investors have relied on GSAM's expertise to help define their investment policies and manage their portfolios. 

Our SMA Offerings

Finding Opportunities in Municipal Fixed Income

We believe a well-managed municipal bond portfolio may offer attractive yield potential, high credit quality and diversification in a broader portfolio.


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