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Daily Liquid Alternatives GAPS

Group Alignment & Performance Summary 

We believe investors considering alternative mutual funds, also known as liquid alternatives, face a quandary: the number of offerings has grown rapidly, but useful information about these strategies is lacking. Many investors are trying to assess liquid alternatives using traditional mutual fund evaluation methods, when we believe these investments do not fall neatly into traditional mutual fund strategy classifications.

Helping Investors Understand Liquid Alternatives

In this publication, we suggest viewing liquid alternatives through the strategy lens of their privately-placed cousins, hedge funds, rather than through a traditional mutual fund strategy framework. By comparing what we call our “GSAM SAS Daily Liquid Alternatives Peer Groups” to the relevant hedge fund indices, we believe investors can better assess how liquid alternative funds have performed. The GAPS is designed to help investors understand the risks and potential reward of liquid alternatives—which we believe helps enable them to make prudent investment decisions and appropriately manage investment expectations.