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Target Date Portfolios: Invest Today for Your Tomorrow


Income in Retirement

The Goldman Sachs Target Date Portfolios are a suite of 9 age-based mutual funds designed to help retirement investors comfortably sustain their lifestyle through retirement.

Solving for adequate income is an important goal for retirement savers. The glide path is designed to achieve a retirement income goal by seeking to incorporate a robust set of relevant data that is optimized to capture the full range of potential market outcomes and corresponding level of risk over time.

Post-Retirement Annual Income Goal

The portfolios seek to achieve reasonable income levels in retirement.


Source: GSAM. These examples are for illustrative purposes only and are not actual results. If any assumptions used do not prove to be true, results may vary substantially.
There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met. Goldman Sachs does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice. Please see additional disclosures at the end of this page.

Adapts to Changing Markets

Our ability to adjust to changing market conditions is critical for retirement investors, who are particularly sensitive to market volatility. The tactical allocation range provides a lever to actively manage asset allocation and incorporate current market views.

Tactical Allocation Range

The ability to increase or decrease the asset allocation plus or minus 15% relative to the neutral equity target aids in managing against drawdown risk and pursuing high conviction, relative value opportunities.

Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met.
Market Volatility is measured by the standard deviations of the portfolio returns.

Multi-Asset Expertise

The Multi-Asset Solutions (MAS) team manages retirement assets for some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. The team employs an asset allocation process that is dynamic and seeks to maximize risk-adjusted excess returns over a long-term investment horizon.

MAS Investment Process

A focus on dynamic asset allocation coupled with low cost ETF implementation allows the team to fully express their investment views and pursue strong performance across various market cycles.



Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only. The portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk, but does not imply low risk. Effective November 30, 2018, Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Multi-Asset Solutions (MAS) team replaced Madison Asset Management as the investment advisor to the GS Target Date Portfolios. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met.

GS Target Date Portfolios

Goldman Sachs Target Date Retirement Portfolio

Target Date 2025

Target Date 2030

Target Date 2035

Target Date 2040

Target Date 2045

Target Date 2050

Target Date 2055

Target Date 2060

Goldman Sachs Target Date Portfolios Plan Brochure