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Goldman Sachs Asset Management portfolio managers from across all regions and asset classes recently discussed relevant themes impacting today’s global markets. As events continue to evolve, visit this page for our latest viewpoints.

Finding Momentum: Small CAPS Poised To Lead

Our portfolio managers discuss factors driving growth in small cap investments.

Finding Momentum Small Caps Poised to Lead

Energy Outlook Still Positive

Healthy demand globally and increases in US production may support energy outlook for several years.

Energy Outlook Still Positive Focus on US Production

Mind the Gap: Emerging Markets Growth Gap Widening

With emerging markets economies expected to expand at more than double the pace of developed markets, the widening growth premium is providing an attractive backdrop for both equity and credit investors, according to Katie Koch of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Mind the Gap: Emerging Markets Growth Gap Widening Katie Koch


Our portfolio managers discuss the new consumer spending paradigm and the impact of ecommerce’s entry into supermarkets.


Bricks Over Clicks: Retail Real Estate Future May be Bright(er)

Our portfolio managers discuss the real estate cycle, e-tailers getting physical and the impact of suburban-to-urban migration.

Bricks Over Clicks Real Estate Public and Private

China: Economic and Political Shifts on the Horizon

China is on the move. What are the key implications of the upcoming Party Congress Conference? Our fundamental equity team discusses why it’s important for investors to look into China for attractive opportunities.

Wave of Global Growth Continues, But Proceed With Caution

Is it time to de-risk? Our portfolio managers discuss the impact of central bank policies and the implications of high equity valuations.

Wave of Global Growth Continues

From Easing to Exit: The Implications of Central Bank Policy

Is “Taper Tantrum” 2.0 on the horizon? What explains the complacency in the global markets? Our portfolio managers discuss the ramifications of a quantitative exit.

From Quantitative Easing to Exit Central Banks Remove Accommodation

Waiting for Inflation: Indicators Throw Curveball

Why hasn’t inflation picked up despite accelerating global growth? Should equity investors be concerned? Our portfolio managers discuss this and other implications.

Waiting for Inflation Indicators Throwing Curveball


How much oil is too much? What’s good for volumes is not necessarily good for prices. Our portfolio managers discuss the ramifications of oversupply on MLPs.


Views from the Valley: Three Tech Trends to Watch

Brook Dane of Goldman Sachs Asset Management discusses three tech trends that are translating into real results now: machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the increasing digitization of media.

Tech Trends to Watch

Mapping the Investment Landscape

While we believe that we remain within the expansion phase of the business cycle, evidence suggests that we are moving towards the late stages of the expansion phase. GSAM portfolio managers discuss economic momentum in Europe, the likelihood of Fed rate hikes and the potential of higher volatility in the near term.

Mapping the Investment Landscape

The Politics of Investing

After years of relative uncertainty, it now appears that both developed and emerging markets are supporting a global economic recovery. Our portfolio managers discuss the outlook for global markets and how to consider geopolitical hotspots.

The Politics of Investing

Outlook for Oil

How will increases in US oil production impact global supply levels? What is the future of OPEC? How will crude oil be priced in the near term? Our energy and commodity teams discuss the impact of the US on the global energy markets.

Outlook for Oil

Staying the Course in Emerging Markets

Investors today are still underexposed to Emerging Markets—yet strong year-to-date inflows indicate there is a willingness among investors to reallocate to the asset class. We discuss the winners and losers, risks and opportunities that are currently defining the Emerging Markets landscape.

Finding Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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August 2017
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Under Pressure: Is Inflation Back?

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Finding Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The Emerging Market landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades. This evolution has created a broader set of opportunities for investors.

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