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GSAM Liquidity Solutions Viewpoints


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Goldman Sachs Asset Management portfolio managers recently discussed relevant themes impacting today’s money market fund industry.

Repatriation Brings Cash Home

Corporations Looking for Flexibility

The GSAM Liquidity Solutions team discusses how clients are looking to diversify their cash investments.

Repatriation of Cash and Short Duration Money Market Fund

European Money Market Funds Take New Path

Reforms Differ from US, More Complex

Dave Fishman, Head of Liquidity Solutions, GSAM, discusses the recent changes and impact to global investors.

European Money Market Reform 2018

Libor Under Pressure

Changes to Reference Rates Ahead, Across Interest Rate Markets

The GSAM Liquidity Solutions team discusses the future of the benchmark rate.

Libor Under Pressure

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December 2018 | Macro Insights
How High to Hike

Our portfolio manager discusses what factors in the US economy may cause inflation to accelerate

June 25, 2018 | Fixed Income Macro Views
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: LIBOR’s Transition

We recently discussed the latest developments with LIBOR, the introduction of new reference rates and what it might mean for clients’ portfolios. Here are the key takeaways.

June 06, 2018
Alphabet Soup: BEAT, LIBOR and OIS

The GSAM Liquidity Solutions team discussed the current status of LIBOR, the increase in Treasury supply following the recent tax reform and spending packages, the effect of repatriation on short term funding markets and the broader impact on Liquidity Solutions investment opportunities.

February 2019 | Fixed Income Macro Views
Global Fixed Income Weekly

Each week the Fixed Income team releases its views on macro strategies including duration, country, cross macro and currency, and sector strategies such as securitized debt, corporate credit and emerging markets debt. 

June 12, 2018
Higher Volatility, But Not a High-Volatility Regime

GSAM’s portfolio managers discuss maintaining a pro-risk strategy and the importance of dynamic investing.

May 2018
A Better Balance of Risks: 2018 Mid-Year Outlook

We think the outlook for risk asset returns has improved.We are strategically pro-risk, but continue to emphasize a dynamic approach to investment as volatility re-emerges.

Keeping Cash Simple

Our thought leaders discuss the impact of global reform on liquidity investments.

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