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April 2022 | GSAM Featured Insights

Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve

Every public asset class – equities, credit, rates, FX – has seen a similar transformation from manual, bilateral workflows to data-intensive, highly-automated digital markets with nuanced microstructures. As those markets digitized, early investments in technology platforms and data analyt­ics enabled first movers to get ahead of the curve and capture disproportionate economics and market share. Those who were late to evolve and adapt suf­fered as competitive dynamics changed and the market structure shifted.

A similar transition is cur­rently underway in private markets, fueled by the proliferation of unique data sources and the emergence of dig­ital marketplaces that enable automat­ed underwriting.

About the Authors

Darren Cohen

Darren Cohen

Darren is the Global Co-Head of Growth Equity, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Luke Flemmer

Luke Flemmer

Luke is the Head of Digital Strategy for Alternatives within Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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