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Big data is creating big opportunities for investors. The popular term describes the amount and availability of information as well as how people gather, distribute and analyze it. Understanding how to use it can help investors gain a competitive edge.

5 Things You Need to Know About Big Data

Top 5
  1. New Data Sources Mean New Opportunities

    New machine learning technologies like natural language processing allow computers to glean insights from sources such as real-time news, earnings calls, social media, videos and images more quickly than ever.

  2. Big Data Needs Analysis

    Advanced analytics and superior processing technologies are the key to extracting value and actionable insights from this flood of information.

  3. The Benefits Extend Beyond Tech

    From increasing crop yields to improving healthcare and optimizing insurance prices, sophisticated data analysis can drive innovation across a wide variety of industries.

  4. Human Judgment Matters

    As the rate of data production increases, adept human judgement will become an increasingly essential tool to find signal in the noise.

  5. Data is Becoming Democratized

    Advances in computing speed and power, along with the widespread distribution of data processing technologies and analytics, have made big data more accessible to businesses and people.

Learn more about how companies that have leveraged data-driven insights have been able to revolutionize their respective industries and outperform their peers.

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