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Goldman Sachs Insurance Asset Management

Annuity Industry Survey 2021

The inaugural Goldman Sachs Asset Management Annuity Industry Survey, Carrying the Torch, incorporates the views of over 100 responses from 25 insurance companies representing over $1 trillion in variable annuity net assets.

Carrying The Torch

Following the release of the 10th annual Goldman Sachs Asset Management Insurance Survey, Running the Risks, which focuses on global trends in insurance general accounts, we are pleased to share the inaugural Goldman Sachs Asset Management Annuity Industry Survey, Carrying the Torch. This comprehensive survey reflects insights from executive leadership, fund management, product development, sales & distribution, and marketing professionals in the annuity industry, and showcases the respondents’ collective perspectives.

The survey findings identify how insurance companies are focused on improving outcomes, establishing innovative solutions and expanding their distribution footprints. The survey title underscores the shared mission of insurers and Goldman Sachs Asset Management to strengthen the annuity narrative and “carry the torch” for future retirees to grow and protect their retirement savings.

Key Areas of Focus

Global Macroeconomic & Investment Landscape


Market volatility, the potential for an economic slowdown in the US, and US politics and tax reform are reflected as top concerns for 2021 driving respondents to reconsider their investment lineup.

Product Offerings & Innovative Implementation


The prevailing low interest rate environment has propelled a shift in the annuity product offering landscape.

Industry & Distribution Themes


As new distribution themes emerge, respondents look for relevant and actionable content to help navigate transitioning product and investment trends in the upcoming years.




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Views expressed discussed are those of survey respondents, compiled by Goldman Sachs Asset Management as of July 15, 2021. References to variable annuity net assets and insurer rankings by net asset size are as of the March 31, 2021 Morningstar VARDs Report. 


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