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Public Pension Plans


Our team has extensive experience partnering with leading public pension plans, state governments, state treasuries, public institutions, municipalities and state permanent funds. Today, many leading public institutions rely on our investment expertise and customized solutions for both their defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Our Approach: How We Partner with Clients

We help public plan sponsors navigate shifting dynamics that impact their existing asset allocations and long-term investment strategies. Through our longstanding relationships and broad resources, we are able to identify relevant market trends and provide thoughtful, timely and innovative solutions.

Customized Investment Solutions

We work directly with public plans to deliver tailored investment solutions based on their unique investment goals and risk objectives.

A Trusted Advisor Approach

We foster long-term relationships with all plan stakeholders to help them develop, refine and meet their investment objectives. Our client relationships extend beyond the mandate—we provide access to our firm’s broader capabilities and offer new perspectives and opportunities to public pensions.

Dedicated Client Service and Knowledge Transfer

We partner with public plans to understand their unique objectives and the multi-dimensional risks and provide proactive client engagement. We bring together resources from across the firm to deliver timely insights on global markets, regulatory and industry issues and innovative investment strategies.

Examples of Our Partnership with Clients

Client Description

A large US pension fund with state and local government employers, members, retirees and beneficiaries.


Client Objective

The client was interested in sustainable investing and shifting its capital to companies with lower emissions and comparable returns.

GSAM Solution

We measured the carbon footprint of their public equity investments and developed an innovative approach that aligned fiduciary responsibility with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values on carbon emissions reduction. We partnered with the client to develop a low carbon methodology that integrated companies with, in aggregate, up to 70 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than those of the fund’s US large-cap equity benchmark.

Client Description

A large US public pension plan serving active members, retirees and their beneficiaries.


Client Objective

The client sought to generate attractive, long-term risk-adjusted returns on capital, with access to distinct market insights, alternative investment opportunities, joint investment decision making and knowledge transfer and training.

GSAM Solution

We forged a strategic partnership with the client by bringing ideas and thought leadership of GSAM and creating a customized solution with investments in private equity, credit and liquid hedge funds.

Client Description

A state-sponsored fund designed to preserve principal and generate income for the state’s residents.


Client Objective

The client sought to develop an absolute return strategy that had a low correlation to its broader portfolio and added diversification from traditional markets.

GSAM Solution

We managed a multi-asset class portfolio through the plan’s External Chief Investment Officer program, and served as a strategic partner beyond our mandate’s stated investment objectives.

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