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Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds


We apply a bottom-up, fundamental approach to investing across corporate credit markets. We emphasize a focus on capital preservation and risk-adjusted returns over the long-term through disciplined single-name credit selection. We seek to exploit credit market inefficiencies through a value-oriented approach and seek to minimize directional market exposure through long and short exposures.

Value Orientation

We combine a value orientation to investing. We target opportunities with asymmetric expected returns, where we believe the potential upside outweighs the potential downside. Investment ideas are credit driven across the capital structure and the investment team performs rigorous fundamental analysis on issuers.

Flexible Positioning

We pursue a flexible approach across four principal investment strategies: Directional Long, Directional Short, Relative Value and Special Situations. Our allocations are dynamic which allows us to tactically allocate capital with a view towards potential catalysts and changing market dynamics.

Capital Preservation

We seek to preserve capital through minimizing directional market exposure by hedging on both a single name basis and at the overall portfolio level. We also seek to maintain low directional market exposure and correlations to traditional asset classes


Disciplined credit analysis and portfolio management

In-depth, bottom-up fundamental research is the foundation of our investment process. We perform a comprehensive credit analysis, including credit documentation review. In addition, we apply a multi-layer approach to risk management and well-defined risk limits.


Experienced credit alternatives team

With a heritage of credit alternatives investing, the team’s senior portfolio managers average 19 years of experience managing corporate credit through multiple credit cycles. The team has deep expertise in the fundamental analysis of leveraged capital structures with a focus on restructuring and special situations.

Diversified source of potential return
Alternative investment strategies may provide for diversification to help manage market risks across multiple market cycles. Alternative strategies may also provide for low beta and correlations to traditional asset classes.


Our strategies access investment opportunities from the entire fixed income universe and have the flexibility to dynamically adjust allocations to uncover opportunities throughout the economic cycle.

Broad Opportunity Set

We generate active investment views across a broad range of fixed income sectors, including interest rates (both directional and relative value), currency, sector rotation and security selection across corporate, agency and emerging markets.

Dynamic, Flexible Approach

Our Opportunistic strategies incorporate the flexibility to pursue a dynamic investment approach, allowing for meaningful changes in interest rate and credit spread exposures across the market cycle.

Specialized Research

Understanding the broad fixed income investment universe requires in-depth research and analysis. Specialist top-down and bottom-up investment strategy teams rigorously examine fundamental, quantitative and technical factors to identify high-conviction ideas within their respective fixed income sector.

Risk-Aware Framework

Our risk-budgeting methodology enables us to implement investment strategies effectively to fulfil investment objectives. We utilize proprietary risk management tools to ensure that active risk is employed intelligently, with proper size and diversification, and remains within the acceptable parameters of investment guidelines.


Diversified exposure

By drawing from multiple fixed income sectors, including high yield corporate credit, securitized credit and emerging market debt, investors may gain from diversification benefits that can arise due to lower correlation among positions.


Potentially less interest rate sensitivity

Actively managing interest rate sensitivity through duration positioning allows us to potentially de-emphasize the impact of interest rate movements. Low sensitivity to rate movements may potentially bring positive returns in any rate environment.

Ability to capitalize on macro events

Our top-down macro-oriented investment strategy teams, namely Duration, Country, Cross Macro, Currency and Cross Sector, identify opportunities that attempt to take advantage of macroeconomic themes and developments.


Our multi-manager hedge fund platform traces its origin to the 1969 founding of Commodities Corporation. Through strong relationships with leading industry managers, we provide clients with comprehensive and innovative solutions designed to address the ever-evolving investment landscape. We provide access to many high-quality and difficult-to-access hedge fund managers from around the world, offering these opportunities through single-manger strategies and multi-manager programs. We also have the ability to create customized hedge fund solutions tailored to our clients’ specific investment objectives.

Rigorous Manager Selection Process

Informed by our top-down macroeconomic research and ongoing conversations with hundreds of global managers, our focused strategy vertical teams seek to uncover trends driving market growth. Through our holistic investing approach, we are able to access and incorporate a range of hedge fund strategies to create diversified portfolios.

Careful and Adaptive Portfolio Design

We take a differentiated approach to investing, crafting innovative solutions diversified across geographies and strategies. Guided by our established risk and return profiles, our team carefully constructs and continuously re-balances portfolios to achieve long-term value creation.

Access to Distinct Sources of Alpha

Our team continuously evaluates the hedge fund universe, looking to develop new and distinct ways of accessing top talent and potential alpha generation. Through our longstanding relationships and extensive points of contact within the industry, we seek to access the most differentiated and skilled managers for our investors.


Longstanding manager relationships

Our clients are able to leverage the breadth and depth of our longstanding relationships with thousands of managers across the hedge fund universe, gaining access to highly sought-after established managers, as well as new boutique firms offering unique approaches through which to access the market and execute a wide range of investment strategies.


Lower relative correlation and downside mitigation

Despite increased correlation across other asset classes, hedge funds historically display limited correlation to other asset classes and often have the express goal of taking contrarian views, enabling potential outperformance over time by reducing overall portfolio volatility.

Comprehensive, views-driven portfolio
Our expertise in a host of underlying strategies enables us to take a holistic approach and provide comprehensive hedge fund solutions targeting investors’ specific needs. Through our actively managed platform, we are able to develop targeted investment theses to capitalize on market trends and themes.


Utilizing strong relationships with leading managers, our multi-manager hedge fund platform provides clients with comprehensive solutions via innovative products designed to address the ever-evolving investment landscape. Through our seeding strategies, we establish relationships with many of the most promising new managers at their earliest stages of development, designing initial investments that fuel their expansion while allowing us to participate in both investment performance and revenue sharing.

High-Quality Emerging Managers

Our extensive hedge fund network provides a differentiated view into the development of new and emerging managers. As a trusted partner to many leading hedge fund managers and investors, combined with our experience working with developing hedge funds, we can provide strategic benefits to managers seeking seed capital.

Disciplined Structuring and Negotiating Experience

Empowered by our team’s extensive deal structuring and negotiating experience, and as a partner of choice to managers, we are able to be selective in our choice of investment opportunities and achieve attractive pricing and terms.

Long-Term Partnership

As an experienced investor with relationships spanning the alternative investment landscape, we are able to work with managers to help grow and develop their business, encouraging best practices and identifying areas of opportunity.


Capitalize on accelerating industry growth

The ongoing maturation of hedge fund talent has created a robust environment for new launches, as the industry continues to evolve. It is often challenging for new managers to access capital, however, given a relatively small amount of seed investors.


Build relationships with next generation of managers

Leveraging our global manager network, we are able to identify and evaluate the next generation of high-quality manager talent, gaining early entry to build strong relationships. We are also able to negotiate preferential terms, including beneficial liquidity options, increased transparency and more competitive economics.

Benefit from predictable cash flows and upside potential
Investors are able to access multiple avenues of value creation, engaging in revenue sharing to capture regular income from management and incentive fees, which offers potential downside mitigation, while also preserving the opportunity to realize returns on their principal investment at the time of exit.