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Our Global strategies seek sustainable outperformance from stock selection through a balanced and nimble approach to investing. Our strategies seek to generate alpha over a long-term investment horizon by identifying attractive companies across the globe through fundamental, bottom-up security selection.


Active Management

Our strategies are actively managed and offer investors exposure to global equities in both diversified and concentrated portfolios.

Comprehensive Valuation

We focus on valuation, seeking to invest in companies whose intrinsic values are not fully reflected in the share price. We conduct analyses using appropriate valuation metrics for each sector and look for underappreciated assets within a company.

ESG Integration

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, which we believe are critical to the long-term sustainability of businesses, are integrated into our investment philosophy and process.


Rigorous fundamental research

We conduct bottom-up, fundamental research that is rigorous and often contrarian, and we apply dynamic, industry-specific valuation metrics. We stick to the disciplined approach of buying strong business franchises with excellent management teams. We also leverage frequent access to company management teams to gain deep insight.


Diversified sources of investment return

Our strategies offer diversification to broad-based alpha from different geographies and markets that present exciting themes and upside potential. We seek balanced sources of risk and return across all market environments.


ESG integration

Our company research includes key ESG considerations and risks identified through our proprietary due diligence process.

Global platform, local insight

Our global positioning combined with our local presence gives us increased access to company management teams and information flow, improving our stock selection process and our ability to potentially generate strong, consistent returns. We leverage intellectual capital across our global platform of investors in offices around the world. Our on-the-ground presence allows us to meet regularly with companies, enabling us to gain timely information access and an in-depth understanding of the Global equity space.


Multifaceted risk management
We employ a comprehensive approach to risk management and work with the Fundamental Equity Team’s Chief Risk Officer to scrutinize portfolio risks, avoid unintended factor bets and work towards our goal of generating excess returns through stock selection. We also seek to benefit from the robust resources of independent Goldman Sachs Asset Management and firmwide risk management teams.

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Our Global strategies seek long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in the equity securities of companies in global markets using a variety of technology-driven techniques.


We seek to harness the power of Big Data to uncover new and previously undiscovered investment opportunities before the broader market prices them in. Our investment process is built upon rigorous bottom-up research, repeatable security selection and risk awareness, and has evolved over time to include more nuanced and unconventional data. Our culture of research, combined with specialized industry knowledge and technological advancement, continues to drive evolution in our process as we search for robust, diversified sources of return. Our approach is founded upon the following principles:

Unique Data Sources

Data is collected globally from a wide variety of sources including earnings call transcripts, patent filings, news and web traffic. With the help of technology, our portfolio management team organizes this information to extract potentially compelling investment opportunities.

Advanced Technologies

Investors have access to an enormous amount of information on every public company—information that can potentially influence stock prices and other investment opportunities. Our team leverages advanced analytics and sophisticated processing technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to extract value and actionable insights from this flood of information.

Investment Acumen

As the rate of data production accelerates, adept human judgment becomes an increasingly essential tool to find signals in the noise. Our approach combines the investment acumen of our experienced investment professionals with advanced technologies to potentially gain an informational advantage.


Robust, on-going research effort

Our research team consists of many well-trained and highly experienced professionals who are constantly focused on enhancing every aspect of the investment process. We combine experienced economic insight with non-traditional data sources to provide perspectives on companies that other investors may not be seeing.


Proprietary daily risk models

We have developed proprietary, process-specific daily risk models that offer numerous potential advantages over third-party models. Our portfolio construction process utilizes these models to manage risk and allocate risk only where we believe there is potential for positive returns.

Disciplined, comprehensive investment approach

We have an extremely systematic and disciplined approach to investing. Our process allows us to assess all of the stocks within our investment universe on a daily bases. By employing a rules-based approach, we aim to produce repeatable results from intended sources of return.


Independent risk management group

We seek to be on the cutting edge of risk management. We leverage an independent Market Risk Analysis (MRA) department that monitors the risk of all the division’s products and portfolios independent of the portfolio management process. The department has developed a division-wide architecture that aims to track the absolute and relative risk level taken by each of the portfolios under management.

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