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Liquid Real Assets

Liquid Real Assets


Our Liquid Real Assets strategies employ a quality-oriented, low turnover and relatively concentrated approach to equity investing. We have the ability to widen our opportunity set to include out-of-index, smaller cap or newer companies.

REITs & Global Infrastructure

Our team constructs our portfolios from the bottom up to reflect our views on the risk/reward profile of each individual security. We believe this approach to finding stocks helps us to identify strong prospects at the stock level, while maintaining sensitivity to the overall exposure of the portfolio.

US Energy Infrastructure

We take a relatively concentrated, index agnostic, total return approach to Master Limited Partnership (MLP) investing. We assess the entire energy value chain to measure the impact on midstream assets, and view an energy infrastructure-related security as a company, not just a collection of assets.


Rigorous fundamental research

We conduct bottom-up, fundamental research that is rigorous and often contrarian, and we apply dynamic, industry-specific valuation metrics. We stick to the disciplined approach of buying strong business franchises with excellent management teams. We also leverage frequent access to company management teams to gain deep insight.


Cross-divisional analysis

Our Global Fixed Income team provides detailed read-throughs on relative valuations and the financing environment, which is particularly important for these capital-intensive sectors. Our Private Real Asset teams conduct detailed read-throughs on the companies' relative valuations.


Global reach

We understand that US businesses are intricately linked with the global economy. Our team leverages our global platform of Fundamental Equity colleagues in offices around the world to provide enhanced insights on financing, demand, non-traditional real estate and infrastructure, in addition to generalist viewpoints. They can also access the expertise of a team of US equity portfolio managers that cover energy producers and users.


Multifaceted risk management

We employ a comprehensive approach to risk management and work with the Fundamental Equity team’s Chief Risk Officer to scrutinize portfolio risks, avoid unintended factor bets and work towards our goal of generating excess returns through stock selection. We also seek to benefit from the robust resources of independent GSAM and firmwide risk management teams, and we monitor liquidity to ensure we receive best execution.