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Smart Beta

Smart Beta


We believe in the existence and persistence of various common equity factors. By combining the benefits of index investing with common factor exposure, our ActiveBeta™ strategies seek to deliver enhanced returns in an efficient, transparent and cost-effective way.

Capture Common Factors

We follow a systematic investment methodology that aims to select stocks based on well-established attributes of performance—value, momentum, volatility, quality and size—while remaining benchmark aware.

Combine and Customize

We have the ability to enhance overall portfolio diversification by combining individual factors into multi-factor portfolios and implementing factor tilts relative to an investor-specified benchmark.

Minimize Costs

Using a patented portfolio construction methodology and patent-pending turnover minimization technique, our ActiveBeta™ strategies aim to deliver efficient returns while keeping costs low.


Opportunity to outperform the market

Our ActiveBeta™ strategies combine the traditional benefits of index investing with the opportunity to outperform the market. We follow a consistent portfolio construction methodology that aims to provide exposure to persistent drivers of performance and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Enhanced efficiency and transparency

We follow a rules-based approach to security selection, portfolio construction and rebalancing, which we believe improves our portfolios’ overall risk-return characteristics. This approach also creates a high degree of transparency, allowing investors to be more informed about the allocation and potential performance of their portfolios.

Diversified factor exposure

We provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio using a comprehensive set of individual common factors, as well as associated factor diversification strategies for global equity markets.


Lower cost

Our ActiveBeta™ strategies allow investors to seek the enhanced risk-adjusted returns of purely active strategies while retaining many of the low-cost advantages of traditional index investments.


Our GIVI strategies seek to track the S&P GIVI® indices. The S&P GIVI® indices exploit two pervasive phenomena. The first is that high-risk stocks underperform low-risk stocks on a risk-adjusted basis, where risk is measured by volatility or beta. The second phenomenon is that overvalued stocks, as measured by basic accounting data, generate poor returns relative to undervalued stocks.

Access to Low Beta and Value

GIVI seeks to gain access to value and low beta by eliminating the riskiest 30% of the investment universe (as measured by the stock’s five-year regional beta) and weighting the remaining stocks by estimates of their intrinsic value (a measure of economic worth).

Rules-based Approach

Our GIVI strategies follow a two-step, systematic approach to security selection and portfolio construction.

Customized Implementations

Our GIVI strategies are available in a variety of implementations, including tax-aware, enhanced dividend and low-carbon. The strategies can also be designed to be Sharia-compliant.


Core equity holding

Our GIVI strategies provide broad equity exposure, making them suitable as a core equity holding.


Less exposure to thematic bubbles

Our GIVI strategies reduce the weights of overvalued stocks, which may mitigate the impact of equity market drawdowns.

Lower risk and better risk-adjusted returns

By removing what we view to be the riskiest 30% of stocks in the investment universe, the strategy aims to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to standard market cap indices.


Simple and transparent

We follow a rules-based approach and combine two economically intuitive investment ideas. This clear and simple methodology seeks to provide transparency for investors.

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