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We believe our Commodities strategies are an efficient way to gain broad commodity exposure:

Fundamental and Technical Approach

We employ a broad-based fundamental and technical approach to examine the entire commodity complex with the goal of identifying the most attractive opportunities to generate return. From this approach, we identify our best ideas and employ them in our various strategies.

Seeking Returns in All Environments

We have the ability to trade across commodity markets using a wide variety of trading strategies and tools to capture opportunities the markets present. This allows the team to generate potential returns in any commodity environment.

Consistent Views Offered Through Multiple Strategies

We use the same rigorous approach across all strategies to express our best ideas. We can shift exposure along the forward curve and move overweight or underweight relative to our benchmarks in an attempt to outperform them. In addition, the long-only actively managed vehicle provides investors the opportunity for commodity beta, while still having the flexibility to mitigate negative roll yield and potentially outperform the benchmark.


Access to Full Commodity Spectrum

Broad-based expertise across the broad commodity complex allows us to identify opportunities for both our long/short and long only products.

Diversification and a Hedge to Macro Events

When attempting to outperform the various commodity benchmarks, we believe it is critical to be able to navigate the entire commodity complex. Commodities can in certain circumstances be a strong inflation hedge, geopolitical hedge and (historically at times), a hedge to a downturn in the equity markets. We believe adding a small percentage of commodities to a portfolio can help mitigate macro events.

Access to Experienced Team

We leverage the expertise and knowledge of our Global Fixed Income team to gain insight into policy and currency developments which influence the commodity markets.