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Core Fixed Income

Core Fixed Income


Our Core Fixed Income strategies seek to provide consistent, strong performance by actively managing portfolios within a research-intensive, risk-managed framework.

Global and Diversified Exposure

We seek to evaluate the broadest global opportunity set to capture value across countries and sectors; taking views in macro strategies including duration, country, relative value and currency; and sector strategies, such as corporate credit, securitized debt, emerging market debt and municipals.

Local, Specialized Research

Our research-intensive process revolves around a global team of specialists, actively engaged in adding value in their area of analysis. The large, international presence of our research analysts provides first-hand knowledge of local economies to help capture value worldwide.

Risk-Aware Approach

Our globally integrated investment process involves managing dynamically along the risk/return spectrum and across market environments and cycles. Our specialist teams continuously seek diverse sources of return within a risk-managed framework.


Diversified exposure

Accessing both government and corporate bonds issued by developed and emerging market countries may generate current income and strong total return.


Global perspective

As global economies take divergent paths, investing globally may offer additional sources of return and income, while managing overall risk.

Ability to capitalize on macro events

Our top-down macro-oriented investment strategy teams, namely Duration, Country, Cross Macro, Currency and Cross Sector, identify opportunities that attempt to take advantage of macroeconomic themes and developments.