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Emerging Market Debt

Emerging Market Debt


The Emerging Market Debt team applies a holistic, active, research-intensive, risk-managed investment process to source alpha through:

Top-Down Macro Views

A team of sovereign economists conducts top-down macro or country level research and makes recommendations on debt and currency positioning to diversify risk across portfolios. Our sovereign economists monitor data originating from every country that we follow, studying balance sheets and following the political developments to formulate macroeconomic views on individual countries.

Bottom-Up Security Selection

Our team of traders is responsible for trading debt and currencies, managing liquidity and making all security selection recommendations. Security selection and relative value views are evaluated, in addition to market technicals.

Strategic Views and Tactical Positioning

The team assesses the global macroeconomic environment to determine the portfolio’s appropriate exposure to segments of the market.


Growth opportunities and attractive yields

Emerging market debt may offer higher yields than developed markets, as the economies of emerging markets may grow more rapidly than those of developed markets and have an expanding middle class expected to drive consumption.

Specialized expertise, global focus

We leverage comprehensive sovereign, currency and commodity research as well as macroeconomic analysis to analyze the impact that global trends have on markets and drive country and security selection. Our global team is focused on uncovering opportunities across borders and in under-researched markets. 

Nimble trading

The team focuses on maintaining liquidity in their portfolios in an effort to minimize transaction costs, stay nimble and provide the opportunity to shift portfolio positions as needed.