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Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity Solutions


We construct targeted solutions managed by an experienced team of portfolio managers, combining global market intelligence with independent risk analysis, research and quality control.

Extensive Research

We combine global market intelligence with independent analysis, research and quality control.

Money Market Risk Management

We consider the tradeoff between credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity to be at the core of the investment process.

Yield Curve Optimization

We work with clients to identify liquidity requirements and structure yield curve exposures in portfolios to optimize the tradeoff between yield and liquidity.

Independent Credit Analysis

GSAM utilizes a robust, independent credit team to create a screened universe of high quality securities.

Security Selection from Screened Universe

Our portfolio managers select individual securities from a pre-screened, high quality universe, evaluating credit and market liquidity constraints based on client objectives.



Tailored liquidity products and services
We offer customized money market and short duration strategies from a strong team of portfolio managers.



Highly diversified investor base
We work closely with bank, corporate and private wealth clients on a daily basis to provide liquidity management solutions to help them achieve their financial objectives.


Investment vehicle options

Individual investors and institutions can select from mutual funds, separately managed accounts, ETFs and offshore products in many major currencies.

Transparency and operational ease

Our clients have access to a dedicated Liquidity Solutions client website that enables them to streamline their liquidity management operations, gain access to expert resources and customize account reports with current and historical rate information.