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Our strategies access investment opportunities from the entire fixed income universe and have the flexibility to dynamically adjust allocations to uncover opportunities throughout the economic cycle.

Broad Opportunity Set

We generate active investment views across a broad range of fixed income sectors, including interest rates (both directional and relative value), currency, sector rotation and security selection across corporate, agency and emerging markets.

Dynamic, Flexible Approach

Our Opportunistic strategies incorporate the flexibility to pursue a dynamic investment approach, allowing for meaningful changes in interest rate and credit spread exposures across the market cycle.

Specialized Research

Understanding the broad fixed income investment universe requires in-depth research and analysis. Specialist top-down and bottom-up investment strategy teams rigorously examine fundamental, quantitative and technical factors to identify high-conviction ideas within their respective fixed income sector.

Risk-Aware Framework

Our risk-budgeting methodology enables us to implement investment strategies effectively to fulfil investment objectives. We utilize proprietary risk management tools to ensure that active risk is employed intelligently, with proper size and diversification, and remains within the acceptable parameters of investment guidelines.


Diversified exposure

By drawing from multiple fixed income sectors, including high yield corporate credit, securitized credit and emerging market debt, investors may gain from diversification benefits that can arise due to lower correlation among positions.


Potentially less interest rate sensitivity

Actively managing interest rate sensitivity through duration positioning allows us to potentially de-emphasize the impact of interest rate movements. Low sensitivity to rate movements may potentially bring positive returns in any rate environment.

Ability to capitalize on macro events

Our top-down macro-oriented investment strategy teams, namely Duration, Country, Cross Macro, Currency and Cross Sector, identify opportunities that attempt to take advantage of macroeconomic themes and developments.