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Multi-Asset Funds

Multi-Asset Funds


We look to help individual investors achieve their financial goals through our offering of holistic portfolio solutions and specialty multi-asset class portfolios.


We seek to understand investors’ needs to provide them multi-asset solutions that meet their objectives and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.


We design custom portfolios that deliver our asset allocation expertise and market insights to individual investors. Our portfolios also offer access to GSAM investment teams’ high conviction views and active strategies across asset classes and investing styles.


We employ a fully-integrated risk management system to monitor and manage the portfolio on a daily basis and adjust exposures based on evolving market dynamics.


Advanced approach to asset allocation

We believe diversification is critical to reaching long-term financial goals while minimizing unwanted risk. Our proprietary investing approach allocates risk, not capital, across sources of return to build portfolios that are appropriately balanced to seek to achieve long term client objectives.

Specialist expertise

We leverage the skill and experience of dedicated multi-asset class specialists to build portfolios and dedicate significant resources to researching and developing innovative investment strategies. We also access the insights and global reach of experienced investment professionals across GSAM.

Tactical investing capabilities

We integrate macro views and incorporate tactical investing programs– developed by our team of economists and market specialists – in portfolios, helping clients capitalize on the changing economic cycle and market dislocations.

Robust risk management

We use Goldman Sachs’ proprietary, fully-integrated risk management system, which includes sophisticated analytics and monitoring tools which enable us to effectively manage portfolio and market risk.