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Outsourced CIO

Outsourced CIO


Beyond the scope of achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long run, the aim of these partnerships is to provide the client with support in managing their investments so that they can focus on higher level strategic initiatives critical to the overall organization. By combining the depth of our expertise with the breadth of our platform, we provide tailored outsourcing programs to meet our clients’ unique investment objectives.


We seek to understand each client’s unique needs, including investment objectives, risk tolerance, liabilities, organization-specific circumstances or considerations, investment constraints and liquidity requirements.


We seek to design an integrated investment strategy tailored to each client’s stated objectives and level of outsourcing needs. We also leverage an open architecture platform with a broad and deep bench of external managers.


We employ a proprietary, fully-integrated risk management system to monitor and manage the portfolio on a daily basis and adjust exposures based on evolving market dynamics. We conduct ongoing risk management through portfolio stress testing, risk modeling and monitoring, and liability modeling for pensions and insurance companies led by our team of credentialed actuaries.


We partner with clients to help them achieve better total investment outcomes and allow them to focus more resources on their core missions, providing:

Enhanced efficiency

Delegation of decisions to the OCIO partner allows clients to focus on strategic decisions and alleviates many day-to-day tasks, driving increased scale.

Complementary expertise and nimble implementation

Market proximity can yield faster and more informed strategy implementation, driving improved risk-return trade-offs.

Comprehensive oversight

Clients may benefit from having one manager with visibility across all assets and liabilities, including daily portfolio monitoring.

Robust risk management

A proprietary risk-aware investing approach focuses on allocating risk, not capital, to build portfolios that are diversified and appropriately balanced.

Pension expertise

Dedicated liability management is achieved through the use of a custom liability benchmark and funded status attribution. Learn More: Pension Solutions


Efficient use of capital and resources

The OCIO partner’s ability to manage transaction costs and access managers at scale can drive potential cost savings.