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Partnership Portfolios

Partnership Portfolios


Our goal is to help large institutions navigate complex situations, with a holistic view of each organization’s unique circumstances.


We seek to understand each client’s unique needs, including investment objectives, risk tolerance, organization-specific circumstances or considerations, investment constraints and liquidity requirements.


We create customized portfolio solutions that can leverage GSAM’s proprietary strategies and platform and take an open architecture approach with a broad and deep bench of external managers. We also have the ability to integrate tactical views, environment social governance (ESG) and impact investing and risk-mitigating strategies if desired.


We employ a proprietary, fully-integrated risk management system to monitor and manage the portfolio on a daily basis and adjust exposures based on evolving market dynamics.


We work directly with organizations to understand their investment objectives, spending requirements and any organizational priorities and provide:

Holistic approach

A tailored investment plan addresses each client’s distinct needs and can evolve over time as the organization’s requirements change.


Customized investment solutions

A comprehensive and disciplined investment process defines a long-term strategic asset allocation and capitalizes on market opportunities utilizing cyclical and short-term tactical views. Our deeply-resourced internal and open architecture platforms also provide our clients access to a breadth of solutions and asset class exposures.

Robust risk management

A proprietary risk-aware investing approach focuses on allocating risk, not capital, to build portfolios that are diversified and appropriately balanced.


Idea sharing and training

We use the portfolios we manage as platforms to deliver market and investment insights within and among asset classes. Many of our clients, in turn, take these insights and incorporate them into their own investment processes.