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Goldman Sachs Workplace Retirement Solution is an integrated defined contribution plan solution designed to support your business and your employees.

Goldman Sachs Workplace Retirement Solution targets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses by providing access to an integrated personalized asset allocation strategy. Clients receive access to the combined value of working with Goldman Sachs and Ascensus, including asset management, retirement expertise, guidance and education from Goldman Sachs, as well as plan recordkeeping and administration services from Ascensus. By providing a turnkey solution that is flexible, cost-effective and simple to use, businesses can differentiate themselves in a market where providing retirement planning support to employees is essential.


As one of the largest Defined Contribution (DC) advisory practices, Goldman Sachs Asset Management's Multi-Asset Class Investing Team provides investment and services for some of the world's leading financial institutions and intermediaries.



$300 Bn

DC Assets Under Advisement 1


Professionals 2

25+ Years

Investment Experience 3


Ascensus Plan Administration Services

Ascensus is the largest independent recordkeeping service provider with more than 40 years of experience. 

  • Administrative services and onboarding support to 15+ million people 
  • Simple and secure digital plan administration
  • Intuitive digital experiences based on user-centered design and cognitive psychology

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Goldman Sachs Managed Advice


A professionally managed and personalized asset allocation strategy to help employees reach their retirement goals and maintain their lifestyles in retirement.


  • Personalized and actionable financial guidance
  • Thought leadership and insights from Goldman Sachs support informed decision making
  • Contribution strategy guidance to help achieve retirement income goals


Digital Financial Wellness

Provided by Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management

We offer personalized education that helps employees focus on their priorities like saving for college or managing debt.


  • Personal assessment
  • Clear action plans
  • Prioritized guidance
  • Tools and calculators tailored for various stages of life


Cost/Pricing Efficiencies

Unique pricing options available including:

  • Recordkeeping fee discounts
  • Access to Goldman Sachs collective investment trusts with waived minimum investments* 
  • Digital financial wellness provided at no additional cost.

*Please note that Goldman Sachs funds and collective investment trusts are only available through plans with non-Goldman Sachs affiliated advisors.


There may be differences in services and features, such as Goldman Sachs 3(38) investment services, for plans available through Goldman Sachs-affiliated advisors.

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1 Includes over $13 billion in discretionary DC assets under supervision, as of 12/31/2021. Assets Under Supervision (AUS) includes assets under management and other client assets for which Goldman Sachs does not have full discretion. 

2 Personnel as of December 31, 2021

3 Whilst the name of the team responsible for fiduciary management at Goldman Sachs Asset Management has changed over the course of the past several years, any historical references to this group of investment professionals who offer this service at Goldman Sachs Asset Management is presented under the name of Multi-Asset Solutions. 

Recordkeeping and administrative services are provided by Ascensus, LLC, which is neither a broker-dealer or an investment advisor. Ascensus® and the Ascensus logo are registered trademarks of Ascensus, LLC. “People Matter. Quality First. Integrity Always.®” is a registered trademark used under license by Ascensus, LLC. Copyright ©2021 Ascensus, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Information in this document relating to recordkeeping and plan administration and any such information provided by employees and representatives of Ascensus, LLC, and its affiliates is intended to constitute investment education under U.S. Department of Labor guidance and does not constitute “investment advice” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or regulations thereunder. Neither Ascensus, LLC nor any of its affiliates, including employees and representatives, may provide “investment advice” to any participant or beneficiary regarding the investment of assets in an employer sponsored retirement plan.

Certain plan fiduciary services, including Goldman Sachs Managed Advice, are provided by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. (“GSAM”). Financial Wellness services are provided by The Ayco Company, L.P., d/b/a Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management (“Ayco”). GSAM and Ayco are registered investment advisers and part of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a public company that is a bank holding company, financial holding company and a world-wide, full-service financial services organization. GSAM, Ayco, and their affiliates are referred to as “Goldman Sachs.”

NextCapital refers to Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. ("GSAM") and NextCapital Software, LLC (“NextCapital Software”) which are part of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a public company that is a bank holding company, financial holding company and a world-wide, full-service financial services organization.

GSAM provides Goldman Sachs Managed Advice as investment adviser to the employer-sponsored retirement plan at the employer’s direction as plan sponsor. GSAM does not have an individual client relationship with any participant and provides investment advisory services to a participant's account enrolled in Goldman Sachs Managed Advice only in the participant's role as a participant in (and authorized agent of) the plan, not in the participant's individual capacity.

Financial education and wellness platform are advisory services offered by The Ayco Company, L.P. d/b/a Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management (“Ayco Personal Financial Management” or “Ayco”), a registered investment adviser and an affiliate of Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC (“GS&Co.”) and subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a worldwide, full-service investment banking, broker-dealer, asset management, and financial services organization. Brokerage services are offered through GS&Co. and Mercer Allied Company, L.P. (a limited purpose broker-dealer), both affiliates of Ayco and members FINRA/SIPC.

Neither GSAM nor Ayco is a fiduciary with respect to any person or plan by reason of providing the material or content herein under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the Internal Revenue Code, Department of Labor regulations, or other applicable law.

All administrative and recordkeeping services presented within this document are offered and supported by Ascensus. Examples of Ascensus’ services include, but are not limited to, onboarding processes, payroll implementation, employer support, website content, participant communications, and the discussions of building, managing and measuring the plan, the participant journey, READYSAVE™ mobile app, enrollment, and engagement. Information provided by Ascensus, including on the recordkeeping website and mobile application, is not verified by GSAM. Inclusion of Goldman Sachs' or GSAM's name or logo on the Ascensus' website, advertisements, enrollment forms, or any other communications does not indicate that the information contained therein is provided or approved by Goldman Sachs. Projections or suggestions may differ between GSAM, Ayco and Ascensus because, among other things, each may use different information, assumptions, and methodologies in providing projections or suggestions.

This document is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is provided solely on the basis that it will not constitute investment or other advice or a recommendation relating to any person’s or plan’s investment or other decisions. Each service provider mentioned is solely responsible for the information provided on its services and fees, and for its performance of its services. The information, data, analyses, and opinions presented herein do not constitute investment advice from or involve a recommendation by Goldman Sachs to take any particular course of action. Nothing contained herein should be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security mentioned. Goldman Sachs will not be responsible for any trading decisions, damages, or other losses resulting from, or related to, the information, data, analyses or opinions, provided herein, or their use.

Goldman Sachs Managed Advice is generally not available to non-US residents, participants who hold plan sponsor securities in their accounts, or participants who have investments through self-directed brokerage accounts (e.g., through a plan brokerage window). If a participant’s plan account is defaulted to Goldman Sachs Managed Advice, as a qualified default investment alternative (“QDIA”) selected by the plan sponsor, the plan account’s initial asset allocation is based on the participant’s age, salary, contribution amounts, and account balance, as provided by the recordkeeping system. If any of this information is not provided by the recordkeeping system, the plan account’s asset allocation will be constructed and managed without this information about the participant. A participant will have the ability to access her plan account online to update their information.

Investing, including through Goldman Sachs Managed Advice, involves risk, including loss of principal, which investors should be prepared to bear. Over time, a plan account’s asset allocation strategy will typically become more conservative through the reduction of allocation to equity funds and increased allocation to fixed income funds as the participant approaches retirement age, but a conservative asset allocation does not mean that the asset allocation or its underlying investments are without risk. A plan account is subject to the risks associated with its underlying investments. These risks change over time as the asset allocation strategy adjusts. There is no assurance that the asset allocation strategy or any underlying investment will achieve its investment objective, and each will fluctuate due to market conditions and other factors, including various market, liquidity, currency, economic, political and other risks. The ability of the asset allocation strategy to meet its investment objective is directly related to the information that GSAM receives (and the accuracy of that information), the ability of the underlying investments to meet their investment objectives, and the allocation among those investments. There is no guarantee Goldman Sachs Managed Advice will provide adequate income at or through retirement. Before making any enrollment or investment decision, you should read and consider all the relevant investment products’ offering documents and information. You should also seriously consider whether Goldman Sachs Managed Advice and related investments are suitable for the plan and its participants before making any decision. Investment funds used in Goldman Sachs Managed Advice may lose value and are not FDIC-insured, and are not guaranteed by any government agency, bank or other financial institution.

Goldman Sachs Managed Advice uses only the investment funds in the plan’s core menu (and not any plan sponsor securities) to provide a professionally managed and personalized retirement plan account service.

Unless Goldman Sachs has agreed in writing to act as a discretionary investment manager to the plan with responsibility to select and monitor the plan’s core menu of investment funds, Goldman Sachs (i) has no responsibility to, and does not, select or monitor the plan’s core menu of investment funds; and (ii) in providing Goldman Sachs Managed Advice, uses only the investment funds in the core menu selected by the plan sponsor or other third-party fiduciary and will not consider whether any of the investment funds, their investment advisers, or relevant strategies are on an approved list maintained by GSAM or otherwise viewed favorably by GSAM in relation to other investment funds.

If Goldman Sachs agrees in writing to act as a discretionary investment manager and, in that capacity, selects and monitors the plan's core menu of investment funds, Goldman Sachs (i) will only select or use investment options that GSAM or its affiliates have reviewed and that are or can be made available on the recordkeeper's platform; (ii) will not review every investment option available in the industry or every investment option that can be made available on the recordkeeper's platform; (iii) may select investment options, share classes, or investment options with specially negotiated fee arrangements that may not otherwise be available to the plan and that may no longer be available if the plan's agreement with Goldman Sachs is terminated; (iv) will not select or use investment options issued, sponsored, or advised by Goldman Sachs; and (v) will not provide advice on whether the plan sponsor should offer or continue to offer securities issued by the plan sponsor or its affiliates as an option under the plan.

GSAM receives fees for services provided by it and its affiliates pursuant to an agreement with the employer as plan sponsor. Fees are allocated to participant accounts or paid from plan assets or the employer’s funds, as determined by the plan sponsor and set forth in the agreement. Other fees and expenses apply, including fees paid and expenses incurred by underlying mutual funds and other investments. If GSAM investment funds are included on the plan's investment menu and are used within Goldman Sachs Managed Advice, GSAM will not retain two levels of management fees. Please see the Goldman Sachs Managed Advice Participant Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Goldman Sachs is not responsible for selecting or retaining Goldman Sachs Managed Advice or designating it as a QDIA, as that is the responsibility of the plan sponsor or other third-party fiduciary. In addition, Goldman Sachs does not make recommendations about, select, use or otherwise provide advice on employer securities, annuities, self-directed brokerage accounts, or participant loans.

Goldman Sachs does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice, and will not be responsible for ensuring that the plan’s documents comply with ERISA, state or local law, or any other regulations or requirements applicable to the plan, and the plan sponsor and participants are responsible for, and should consult with their respective legal and tax advisors about, those matters. Goldman Sachs does not provide actuarial, administrative, or recordkeeping services to plans, including, but not limited to, prospectus delivery and plan notices.

Goldman Sachs will rely on information provided by the plan fiduciaries, participants, and recordkeeper without further verification. The plan fiduciaries, participants, and recordkeeper are responsible for notifying Goldman Sachs promptly in writing, of any changes to information previously provided. Goldman Sachs relies on third-party information, including publicly available information and information received from third-party providers, that Goldman Sachs believes to be accurate, but Goldman Sachs does not independently verify or guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Any personal financial information GSAM or Ayco receives from plan fiduciaries, participants, and the plan’s recordkeeper about a participant will be handled by GSAM, Ayco, and their affiliates under the terms of their respective privacy policies. Please read GSAM’s and Ayco’s privacy notices for more information.

Date of first use: 7/11/2022. 280947-OTU-1636220

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