The expense ratios of the Fund, both current (net of any fee waivers or expense limitations) and before waivers (gross of any fee waivers or expense limitations) are as set forth below. Pursuant to a contractual arrangement, the Fund’s waivers and/or expense limitations will remain in place at least through the dates found below and prior to such date the Investment Adviser may not terminate the arrangements without the approval of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

• April 30, 2020: Absolute Return Tracker, Alternative Premia, Balanced Strategy Portfolio, Commodity Strategy, Dynamic Global Equity, Global Infrastructure, Global Real Estate Securities, Growth and Income Strategy Portfolio, Growth Strategy Portfolio, International Equity Dividend and Premium, International Real Estate Securities, International Tax-Managed Equity, Managed Futures Strategy, Real Estate Securities, Satellite Strategies Portfolio, U.S. Equity Dividend and Premium and U.S. Tax-Managed Equity

• July 29, 2020: Bond, Core Fixed Income, Dynamic Municipal Income, Emerging Markets Debt, Enhanced Income, Global Income, Government Income, High Quality Floating Rate, High Yield, High Yield Floating Rate, High Yield Municipal, Inflation Protected Securities, Investment Grade Credit, Local Emerging Markets Debt, Long Short Credit Strategies, Short Duration Government, Short Duration Income, Short Duration Tax-Free, Short-Term Conservative Income, Strategic Income and U.S. Mortgages

• October 31, 2020:
Small Cap Growth

• December 3, 2020: Income

• December 27, 2020: Blue Chip, Capital Growth, Concentrated Growth, Enhanced Dividend Global Equity Portfolio, Equity Income, Flexible Cap, Focused Value, Global Managed Beta, Growth Opportunities, Large Cap Value, Small Cap Value, Small/Mid Cap Growth, Small/Mid Cap Value, Strategic Factor Allocation, Strategic Growth, Tactical Tilt Overlay, Target Date Retirement, Target Date 2025, Target Date 2030, Target Date 2035, Target Date 2040, Target Date 2045, Target Date 2050, Target Date 2055, Target Date 2060, Tax-Advantaged Global Equity Portfolio and Technology Opportunities

• February 28, 2021: China Equity, Emerging Markets Equity, Emerging Markets Equity Insights, ESG Emerging Markets Equity, GQG Partners International Opportunities, Imprint Emerging Markets Opportunities, Income Builder, International Equity ESG, International Equity Income, International Equity Insights, International Small Cap Insights, Large Cap Growth Insights, Large Cap Value Insights, Multi-Manager Alternatives,  Multi-Manager Global Equity, Multi-Manager Non-Core Fixed Income, Multi-Manager Real Assets Strategy, Rising Dividend Growth, Small Cap Equity Insights, Small Cap Growth Insights, Small Cap Value Insights and U.S. Equity Insights

• March 27, 2021: MLP & Energy

Mid Cap Value and MLP Energy Infrastructure: The expense ratios of the Fund, both current (net of applicable fee waivers and/or expense limitations) and before waivers (gross of applicable fee waivers and/or expense limitations), are as set forth below according to the most recent publicly available Prospectus.

Variable Insurance Trust

• April 30, 2020: Variable Insurance Trust Core Fixed Income, Variable Insurance Trust High Quality Floating Rate, Variable Insurance Trust Equity Index, Variable Insurance Trust Large Cap Value, Variable Insurance Trust Mid Cap Value, Variable Insurance Trust Growth Opportunities, Variable Insurance Trust International Equity Insights, Variable Insurance Trust Government Money Market, Variable Insurance Trust Multi-Strategy Alternatives Portfolio, Variable Insurance Trust Strategic Growth, Variable Insurance Trust Small Cap Equity Insights, Variable Insurance Trust U.S. Equity Insights and Variable Insurance Trust Global Trends Allocation