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Navigating Global Bond Markets


The Global Bond Markets Are Changing

The global bond market is undergoing a series of profound changes, challenging the traditional role of income and stability that bonds have played and creating new opportunities. We believe investors should understand these changes and adapt their portfolios to the new fixed-income landscape.

Can Your Portfolio Keep Up?

We believe investors should consider dynamic and flexible fixed income investments that attempt to neutralize or even benefit from rising interest rates. Investors should also consider strategies that seek value across all sectors of the global fixed income market, allowing them to diversify geographically and take advantage of diverging growth patterns.  Overall investors may prefer highly liquid mutual funds for their long-term investments, not individual bonds, and money market funds for their short-term investments.

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The GSAM Global Fixed Income Team

In the past, fixed income managers only had to make three investment decisions: the direction of interest rates, the allocation to government and corporate bonds, and the selection of individual securities. Today, multiple factors may impact the global bond markets making a skilled manager essential.

The GSAM Global Fixed Income team has experience actively investing across the global spectrum. With more than 225 investment professionals located in major markets around the world, including New York, London and Tokyo, the team has the breadth and depth to cover every sector of the global fixed income market, employing industry-leading risk management capabilities with proprietary risk models comprising more than 800 unique risk factors. With more than $471 billion in assets under management, the team pursues strong, consistent performance across the fixed income market. 

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