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Participants identify the unique characteristics of their practice and seek to highlight three key themes.

Workshop Overview

How can financial advisors differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive marketplace? The answer is creating presence in your absence. This expression refers to the ability of the most successful advisors to shape the way they are perceived by clients, prospects, and the investing public. What do you do for your clients? How do clients benefit from  working with you? Having clear, consistent, and convincing responses can be key to attracting prospects and solidifying  client relationships.

Your brand is more than the firm you work for. Your brand is you. If you fail to shape client perceptions of your value and abilities, somebody else may—and you may not like what fills the vacuum.

Over the course of the workshop, participants explore topics such as:

  1. Learning how to craft an effective message and a memorable brand
  2. Considering how to implement best practices and enhance existing messaging and branding
  3. Engaging in role play, review and discussion
  4. Identifying next steps for implementation and execution

Branding Continuum: Branding Your Message with Active to Passive Marketing

For illustrative purposes only.


The workshop is intended to leave participants with a better understanding of how to use a range of communication techniques to project an effective professional brand: 

  • Building blocks for improved messaging and branding
  • Strategies for differentiating a practice with clients, prospects and COIs
  • Messaging which helps you as an advisor acquire prospects, retain clients, and build business 

Interested in Participating?

Workshop to help you build business and drive sustainable growth in advisor practices. Contact your GSAM representative for more information.

Our practice management workshops and personal consultations provide tailored business strategies designed to help our clients strengthen key aspects of their practices to maximize business growth. 


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