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Goldman Sachs Target Date Portfolios


Guides You to Retirement

The Goldman Sachs Target Date Portfolios are a series of eight Target Date mutual funds designed with the goal of superior risk- adjusted returns with a focus on capital appreciation and income.

Market volatility can make it difficult for investors to reach their retirement savings goals. Managing risk is prioritized throughout the investment cycle in seeking to deliver more predictable outcomes over a long-term horizon.


A Risk-aware, "To Retirement" Glide Path

Our glide path is aligned with investor expectations and designed to manage market volatility.


Target Date Funds Glide Path

Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only. Note that equity and fixed income investing is not suitable for all investors and equity and fixed income mutual funds are not riskless investments, so investors can lose money. Please see end notes for additional risk considerations and important disclosures. GSAM, LP is the investment adviser to the funds. Madison Asset Management, LLC is the sub-adviser to the GS Target Date Portfolios.

Adapts to Changing Markets

Our ability to adjust to changing market conditions is critical for retirement investors, who are particularly sensitive to market volatility. The tactical allocation range provides a lever to actively manage asset allocation and current market views.

Tactical Allocation Range

The ability to increase or decrease the asset allocation plus or minus 10% relative to the neutral equity target aids in managing against drawdown risk and pursuing high conviction, relative value opportunities. This ability to navigate market uncertainty and stay nimble may ensure growth and wealth preservation over the long term.

Source: GSAM. For illustrative purposes only.

Open Architecture Approach

An open architecture investment selection process is used to access a broad range of funds to implement our investment ideas. Our goals include cost efficiency of investment vehicles, objectivity, managing conflicts of interest, and manager diversification.

The Potential Benefits of Open Architecture

A focus on objectivity and low costs allows the team to fully express their investment views and pursue strong performance.


Diversification does not protect an investor from market risk and does not ensure a profit.

GS Target Date Portfolios

Target Date 2020

Target Date 2025

Target Date 2030

Target Date 2035


Target Date 2040

Target Date 2045

Target Date 2050

Target Date 2055


Seeking a Steadier Path to Retirement

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A Fiduciary-Minded Target Date Option

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