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Participants seek to identify Centers of Influence with whom they would like to partner to build their business.

Workshop Overview

When you need to select a new product or service provider, do you typically ask friends and family for ideas? Most people do. Word of mouth and positive testimonials can be powerful. “Friends of friends” are trustworthy. People tend to choose the products and service providers whom their friends trust. 

Cultivating Centers of Influence (COIs) is an effective way to build your practice. Through COIs, you can affirm existing client relationships, entertain new opportunities, and deliver a source of ongoing referrals between you and valued professional organizations. This is a long-term strategy that requires dedication to cultivating relationships over time.

Over the course of the workshop, participants explore topics such as:

  1. The top 5 COI mistakes advisors make – and how to correct them
  2. A meeting checklist to help advisors execute more effective engagements
  3. Partnerships vs. alliances: understanding differences among COIs
  4. Sharing introductions with COIs and describing your ideal client

Cultivating COIs: Pre-Meeting

For illustrative purposes only.


The workshop is intended to leave participants with a better understanding of COI meeting preparation, best practices for engagements and more effective follow-up methods: 

  • Developing a process for cultivating COIs
  • Emphasizing COI quality over quantity
  • Creating new and enhanced services for COIs 

Interested in Participating?

Workshop to help you build business and drive sustainable growth in advisor practices. Contact your GSAM representative for more information.

Our practice management workshops and personal consultations provide tailored business strategies designed to help our clients strengthen key aspects of their practices to maximize business growth. 


Relationship-Based Marketing

Finding new prospects through an introduction of a satisfied client is the preferred approach of top advisors. We help advisors consider new methods of generating introductions.


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